Spring Cleaning: 4 Simple Steps to Simplify your Closet

Spring Cleaning: 4 Simple Steps to Simplify your Closet

Our philosophy at JaneHudson is less is more. We want to purchase and hold onto lesser, but important to note: better things. As you can probably tell, we’re into the classics, pieces that don’t fade with each season. When simplifying your closet, quality is crucial, those are the pieces that last with your every wears. Our motto is, we bring the basics, you bring the style. (all with quality)

Here are some of our rules to simplifying and cleansing your closet. That feeling of accomplishment after letting go of items you’ve been holding on tight to and simply don’t need. We’re here to help.

A few steps before you get started… 1) be honest with yourself, don’t try to negotiate with yourself (that’s how you landed here in the first place), 2) if it’s showing signs of wear, let it go, 3) remind yourself on the good you’re doing by donating these items.

1. Have you worn it in the past 6 months?

If seasonal, did you wear it at all this past season? If the answer is no, it’s gotta go. Keep the basics you might need if it’s a simple staple sweater or button-down that didn’t get much play, but all others I’d add to that donation pile.

2. If it’s showing wear, it’s time to finally let go.

We know you love it, and we know it’s had a good run. Think: if you are noticing that it is becoming tattered, that means others will too. Love the piece still? You now have a new mission… find something similar, crafted in a high quality way that will last.

3. Wore it once? We smell a trend.

If you wore it once, bought it same day to wear out that night (don’t lie, we’ve all done it), usually from the likes of an H&M, time to toss in the donation pile. Odds are you aren’t wearing it again.

4. If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit purge.

Unless the fit is well within reach (like 4 weeks reach), we recommend releasing the piece and finding another item to replace it. Don’t place added pressure and store clothing that isn’t realistic.

And probably our best piece of advice going forward - what you buy new, make sure quality is a factor. Replace the lesser things in your closet with better things. For us, it’s all about better quality, classic styles that look and feel good. All the things JaneHudson is founded on.

To get your Spring closet started, enjoy 25% on us for reading our blog with the code: SPRINGCLEANING thru April 30.

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