New Year, New You.

New Year, New You.

New Year, New You.

A new year can often have a lot of meanings. For us, we are less focused on the resolution side. Whether we succeed at it or not (let's be honest, oftentimes it's the latter...), we are always looking at self-improvement throughout the year.

What we've found ourselves doing is a little reset. Cleaning out closets, medicine cabinets, drawers, office and our dreaded stacked desk of post-its. Side note: we have a post-its problem over here, people. What we keep finding is that we use a whole lot less than what we actually have accumulated. We're bringing it back to the LESS IS MORE approach for 2018.

It may sound slightly counterintuitive that a brand selling clothes is telling you to buy less. We're not just saying buy less, but buy better. Infuse your closet in 2018 with classic, timeless pieces that are durable. That can be worn or styled in a series of ways making it a new look and statement overtime you wear. That's where we come in.

The 'Less is More' approach is dependent on buying less, but more quality pieces. At JaneHudson, we don't do a good enough job talking about our quality of fabrics. It's hard to see, touch & feel - and sometimes justify pricing - with an online store. But trust us, our fabrics offer soft, heavy (but breathable) and durable fabrics that last year after year, season after season. They are worth the price tag, that is why our customers come back again & again.

Give it a try, we promise not to disappoint. And if you have any questions on sizing, return policy and more, don't hesitate to reach out. We'd love to hear from you! Email us here:

Happy New Year and Cheers to a simplified and great '18.

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