Let's Gameday

Let's Gameday

It’s almost that time of year – when the weather starts to shift just a bit, the leaves begin to change (for those north of the Mason Dixon) and there is just this sense of excitement that fills the air. Yes, this does mean that Fall is nearly upon us, but for many others this also signifies the start to FOOTBALL – College & NFL.

Attending a large university afforded me the opportunity to learn, understand and become a part of the sports fan community. Every week we’d plan the specifics around our game day or “gameday” – BBQs we’d attend, where we’d be watching if not in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (at the University of Florida) but probably most importantly – what we would be wearing to support our team.

If you read more on our site (, you’ll learn that the inspiration behind the brand is developing luxury basics (that fit and feel great!) to wear anywhere (#anywear) but with a definite focus on game day or “gameday”. As an avid fan that follows a series of sports throughout the year – yes, I do have a Boston affinity, no one judge – I found a lack of styles that embodied who I was. I’m not into sparkles and jerseys really aren’t my thing…I was looking for high quality pieces that fit well, didn’t fall apart and looked great.

JaneHudson was founded on creating quality pieces. Our pricepoints sit where they do because there is a serious sense of quality and construction that has gone into every single piece and style. These are beautiful pieces that you can wear again and again. From the stadium to the street to a date night dinner and more. These are classics and basics that leave the styling up to the beholder. In our case, our beloved consumers.

So as we start to enter Fall, be sure to consider JaneHudson for yourself (and share with your friends!) for all of your game day / “gameday” needs and beyond. We’re excited to share in this journey with you!

Don’t forget to follow us @janehudson_us on insta, FB, Pinterest to see more exciting ways to style and updates!

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