Less is More

Less is More

At some point we graduate from wanting (and purchasing) everything under the sun. You know what we mean… we’re talking about those times that you’ve find yourself rationalizing before you hit that checkout line, or click “purchase” on a final sale. You tell yourself - it’s a steal! It’s 70% off, how could I not get it! I’ll wear it a few times and throw it away. Come on!

What I’ve found from personal experience and chatting up with my favorite shopping-obsessed gals is that one day you wake up and realize, I don't need a closet full of things that I kinda like.  I want to look a closet of things I love and it's then you have the "aha moment": I’d like fewer, better things. You realize that quality really does carry some weight in your shopping decisions, and you start to move away from a trend-focused wardrobe to a more balanced look. It’s like magic, you don’t even know it’s happening.

For us, it happened a few years ago. Don’t get us wrong – we love a trend. Ahem, the choker has really had a moment as of late. But overall, we’re looking for long-lasting, classic looks that you can wear again and again with no concern of it falling apart.  And for us, we know that a set of quality basics is the start of any good look.  It's the staples that every girl needs, and then the styling is up to the beholder.  

From the moment we set out to create the brand JaneHudson, quality was our first focus. It took us almost 2 years to find the best possible fabrics to launch our first striped-based collection. If you haven’t tried us yet, we promise we won’t disappoint. Think of us as the ones that offer you the classic closet staple(s) you need, and then inject your flair to style your way.

The best closets aren’t the ones overflowing with countless pieces (with some never worn!), they are the carefully constructed ones with timeless pieces that can be dressed up or down or by mood. That’s where we come in. Try us on for size and let us to be the addition to the very effective “less is more” approach.

Want styling suggestions? Check us out on instagram @janehudson_us for styling inspo and more. Happy shopping xx

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