Summer Packing

Summer Packing

If you’re an on-the-go summer traveler like me, you’re constantly shifting clothing from one bag to the next and may have started to buy double of the essentials – face wash, suntan lotion, toothbrush... you get it. 

Summer travel is by far my favorite, each getaway affording you a new adventure – new places, new laughs, new eats & drinks and new memories. From weekend sailing trips to hiking and paddle boarding on lakes upstate, we often plan our travel to check in and spend time with our family and friends.

There are staples in my closet that are just my travel go-to’s. They travel well – no wrinkle, wear multiple times, and no fading when washed. JaneHudson prides itself on its fabric. It took over one year of meeting with fabric mills across the US to find the “right one”. We weren’t going to settle on a fabric that may start to pill or even fade after a few wears. We wanted something high-end but durable.

Here are some of my weekend getaway essentials, hope they provide you a little direction or even inspiration! Happy traveling.

Jennings Dress – great for day wear, post beach or throw a bun on your head and add a wedge for a summer date night out.

Dillon Dress – perfect for brunch, lunch on a summer day – goes great over a bathing suit too!

Mikoh Swimwear – some of the best swimwear around, you can find sporty to a little sexy…dependent on your “adventure.”

Illesteva Sunglasses – love the rounded shape of these shades, they look great on everyone!

Dolce Vita Shoes – great summer strappy styles for any occasion.

Soludos Shoes – another great summer-inspired brand offering a plethora of great shoes that match your JaneHudson finds perfectly!

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